1.30 Surprise

Hello everyone! I’m back! Before I begin, I would like to say a few things. First off, I just finished reading all my previous posts and well…just…wow, I sucked at blogging back then. 

But it’s been over a year now, and I’ll try to make my blog more interesting. I’ll also be starting a new blog soon, I won’t tell you what the topic is yet, but know you have a pleasant surprise coming! 

Ok let’s get down to business. 1.30 is coming. There is going to be a big new feature in it, and Kaalus claims it will be even bigger than electricity. That’s pretty big. I have no idea what it is, even with all the clues. 

There is a lot of speculation, but the most popular idea seems to be sculpting. I could agree with that. Other than that, I don’t know what it is. If you have an idea, feel free to comment! That’s all for now! 

Survivalcraft hate

When we first started as a community there was a lot of hate. A LOT. Severe hate too. Sometimes people would threaten to MURDER (although That’s impossible because you can’t stick a knife through someone’s screen) Somone because they liked Survivalcraft. But nowadays, things are different. People are flocking to SC. There is very little, if any hate. In fact, I conducted a study/polls recently. Now, about a whopping 70-80 percent prefer Survivalcraft over even MC PC.

Best update yet!

1.27 is getting ready! Kaalus has reappeared, and worked on a lot! I think it’s the best update yet! This will really blow MC out of the water! Many Poeple agree with me. But hold your horses, no, no multiplayer. Carpets, more clothes, a new animal, new gauges, and even a couple new effects! And the biggest step in SC history…..*drum roll* A NEW ENGINE! This will allow for many things never before thought possible. It could be a major thing to help us in our grand war with MC.

Is Kaalus dead?

There’s rumor going around that our wonderful coder friend, creator of SC, is dead. Now, just becuase he hasn’t posted in 2 GOSHDARN months, doesn’t mean he’s dead. He’s probably working on something….something big…..what’s coming in 1.27 folks?

Multiplayer. Will it ever come?

Multiplayer. We’ve all requested it. It’s one of the major things SC needs to defeat MC. It may be coming soon, but Kaalus is unpredictable, so there’s no saying for sure. If it does come anytime soon, it’ll probably be small scale. Like local servers with just a few people max. It’ll at least start out that way. But I’m talking LARGE SCALE multiplayer. Like worldwide servers with a few hundred people. That will most likely be in the far future of SC. But if it does happen, no, I take that back. WHEN it does happen, I’m gonna make a huge city possibly even with neighboring towns. There will be a real currency, economic, and job system. That would be cool. So let’s hope someday that grand multiplayer will come!

Greatest survivalcraft builds

I remember the days when the community content was actually for sharing worlds and texture packs. Those were the good old days.
Now it’s just a place where people create worlds for messaging each other. Which normally would be ok, but it’s mostly inappropriate.
But I’ve been with survivalcraft scince 1.21 came out on the IOS App Store. But I still remember some of the greatest things ever to be built!
One was fancy city. The first world I EVER downloaded off of community content! It was actually kinda small, but the buildings and roads were in extreme detail! It was GREAT! Another was sunny city, which was huge and the buildings were in detail, but the roads weren’t very good. Hopefully someday community content will be back the way it was in the good ol’ days!